10 Ways to Cure Adrenal Fatigue Fast

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue can be very debilitating. It is also often a frustrating condition to suffer as it can be difficult to diagnose. Plus, without proper diagnosis, you won't get the right treatment. This means you might try things, from physical therapies to medicines to mental therapies, with minimal impact.

Once you have a proper diagnosis, however, you can start taking steps to cure your adrenal fatigue.

The first step, though, is understanding the condition, particularly if you are wondering "is adrenal fatigue real". It is very real, and the experiences of past and present sufferers are a testament to this fact. So, what is adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is related to your adrenal glands. They are above your kidneys and are responsible for producing hormones that help your body deal with the stress of day-to-day life.

When your adrenal glands don't function properly, you can suffer from symptoms known as adrenal fatigue.

Signs of Adrenal Fatigue

Looking out for the signs of adrenal fatigue is important as the earlier they are recognised, the quicker you can take steps that will get you back to your normal levels of energy and activity.

It's not always easy to spot the signs of adrenal burnout, though. You can function as normal, you probably don't feel particularly ill, and you are sleeping at night.

However, you still don't feel right, not least because you are still tired after waking up from a full night's sleep. This is one of the signs of adrenal exhaustion. There are other adrenal fatigue symptoms to look out for too.

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms

  • You need to drink lots of coffee or energy drinks to keep you going throughout the day
  • You feel tired mid-afternoon (and sometimes mid-morning) to the point you can barely keep your eyes open
  • You experience feelings of not being able to cope
  • Getting up in the morning is difficult and you feel tired throughout the day, although you are completely alert and energetic in the evening
  • Bouncing back from illness is more difficult than normal
  • You have unexplained weight loss
  • You crave sugary or salty snacks more than usual

Adrenal Fatigue, Diet, and Other Factors

So, what causes adrenal fatigue? This varies from person to person, but factors that can contribute to adrenal fatigue include diet, toxins in your systems, stress, relationship issues, and more.

All these things will be considered when you undertake an adrenal fatigue test.

This involves physical tests including hair follicle assessments, blood oxygen tests, and thyroid tests. Adrenal fatigue specialists will also want to find out about your lifestyle and current personal circumstances to get a better understanding of your condition and how best to cure it.

10 Ways to Cure Adrenal Fatigue

  1. Change your diet – this is mostly about eating a balanced diet while also cutting out processed foods as much as possible. This is particularly important for foods like sugar, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates.
  1. Eat regular meals throughout the day – skipping meals or eating at greatly varied times throughout the day can impact the function of your adrenal glands. So, eating your meals at regular time intervals can help. Breakfast is particularly important. It's best to eat your breakfast within an hour of waking up. Also, don't eat on the go. Instead, sit down, take your time, and enjoy your meals.
  1. Exercise – exercise can help with adrenal fatigue, especially if you are not currently getting much exercise. It is usually best to only do low-impact exercise, however. Walking and yoga are ideal.
  1. Get a better night's sleep – if adrenal fatigue is interrupting your sleep or causing poor quality sleep, you will need to take steps to address this. Switching off screens at least an hour before you go to bed, getting into a bedtime routine, and going to bed earlier can all help.
  1. Supplements – one contributing factor to your adrenal fatigue might be the fact that your body is not be getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs. Therefore, taking supplements, particularly those specifically developed for adrenal fatigue treatment, can help.
  1. Manage stress and anxiety – most adrenal fatigue experts believe the condition is often related to stress and anxiety. Therefore, it helps to take steps to manage your stress levels and deal with anxiety.
  1. Meditate – following on from the above point, meditating can help you deal with both stress and anxiety. It is also relaxing and can help you think more clearly.
  1. Practice deep breathing exercises – deep breathing exercises help to regulate the functions of your body, so they can have a direct and positive impact on adrenal fatigue.
  1. Disconnect from your devices – a lot of us spend far too much time with our devices, whether it is browsing the internet, scrolling through social media, online shopping, streaming movies, texting, or playing games. Too much tech is unhealthy, though. So, you can help your adrenal fatigue symptoms by disconnecting from your devices to spend more time in real life.
  1. Spend more time outdoors – spending more time outdoors, especially if you get out into nature, is good for exercise and your mental wellbeing, and it reduces stress.

Customised Approach

The above 10 cures for adrenal fatigue are all important, but the most important part is getting a customised plan that addresses your personal situation. This approach is the fastest way to getting back your energy levels again. Call us to arrange your customised plan on +64 (09) 488 0208.


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