Feeling Tired All The Time

Why Am I So Tired After 8 Hours of Sleep?

Are you asking the question: “why am I always tired and have no energy?” Maybe you are asking: “why am I so tired after eight hours of sleep?”

These questions are more common than you think, and there is a range of different causes.

It can be frustrating waking up after a full night’s sleep still feeling tired, particularly when you are sleeping for the recommended seven or eight hours a night. After all, sleep is supposed to be the cure for tiredness, right. What happens when sleep stops being effective, leaving you lacklustre and with low levels of energy?

why am i always tired

The answer is to find out the cause of your tiredness. Below are some of the most common.

You Are Suffering from Adrenal Fatigue

Your adrenal glands are located just above your kidneys. They are responsible for a range of functions in the body, regulating many through the production of hormones. They impact blood pressure, metabolic activity, mood, energy levels, glucose production, sexual libido, and more.

Reasons For Being Tired

If your adrenal glands don't function properly, the tiredness you are feeling could be the result of adrenal fatigue. Other symptoms of this condition include craving snack foods, having energy after 6pm but not during the day, and feeling overwhelmed by things you would normally be able to cope with well.

You Are Suffering from Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue can be debilitating. As well as feeling tired even after a good night's sleep, you may also be experiencing memory problems, pain, night sweats, a sore throat, or sensitivity to things like odours, noise, or foods.

There is usually no single cause of chronic fatigue. Instead, it is brought on by a range of factors including stress, having a compromised immune system, nutrition, environmental factors, and more.

Your Diet

The foods you eat can affect your energy levels and feelings of tiredness. This particularly applies if you eat too many processed carbs. 

Levels of blood sugar in your body rise when you eat processed carbs, causing your pancreas to produce insulin. This brings your blood sugar levels back down, but it also makes you feel tired.

So, what do you do? Often, the solution is to consume more processed carbs to get an energy boost. However, this just starts the rapid rise and fall of blood sugar levels to occur again.

You Sleep, but it Is Poor Quality Sleep

Most people need at least seven hours of sleep a night, but the length of time you sleep is only one part of feeling fresh and energetic when you wake up – you also need to get good quality sleep.

There are lots of different causes of poor-quality sleep, from medical conditions to using your phone in bed to being stressed. 

How do you know if you are getting poor-quality sleep? Common indicators include it taking you a long time to fall asleep when you go to bed (more than half an hour) and waking up more than once during the night. Another indicator is if it takes you a while to fall asleep again when you wake up during the night.

You Have a Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivities present in a range of different ways. They can cause rashes, headaches, stomach problems, and itchiness, for example. However, one often overlooked impact of food sensitivity is fatigue.

It's important to say fatigue doesn't occur in everyone with a food sensitivity. Where it is the cause, you will need to alter your diet to avoid the food causing the problem.

You Are Feeling High Levels of Stress

Stress can impact your feelings of fatigue in a range of different ways, not least by reducing the quality of sleep you get each night.

How you deal with excessive stress also has an impact on how tired you feel. Studies have found that if you avoid doing anything about it, you are at greater risk of feeling fatigue. Therefore, it's important to manage stress.

You Sleep at the Wrong Time

Some people have to sleep during the day because they work shifts. If this applies to your situation, you will need to get advice on strategies you can use to reduce your levels of fatigue.

If you can sleep during night-time hours but don't, this could be the cause of your fatigue. Your body is designed to follow a sleep pattern where you sleep at night. So, changing the time you go to bed can help.

Understanding Why You Are Tired

While the above will give you a better understanding of the things that can make you feel tired even when you are getting enough sleep, it’s important to remember that everyone is different.

It can also be difficult to diagnose yourself as the causes of tiredness, fatigue, and low levels of energy can be challenging to pin down. The best approach is to get professional advice and assessment as well as guidance on what you can do to restore your energy levels again.


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