Cell Wellbeing Test and hair analysis New Zealand for your personalised Epigenetic Wellbeing Assessment (EWA)

cell wellbeing

The EWA program is now available using postal hair analysis with telehealth consultations for all New Zealanders including babies and children.

Is your body nutritionally balanced for high energy?

Is the environment affecting your overall vitality?

On-site or postal hair analysis testing through our clinic in Takapuna, Auckland, or send your hair samples by courier nationwide for your EWA Cell Well Being Test

Discover the answers in just 20 minutes using our non-invasive German technology and receive your own personalized Optimize Wellness Nutritional Report and Beat Fatigue Programme.

Discover what may be affecting your health with your own personal report that looks at over 800 different epigenetic indicators taken from an analysis of your own hair follicles.

The Cell Wellbeing hair test

  • We assess your epigenetics for vitamins, parasites and viruses, nutrition, toxins,  antioxidants, microbiology, minerals, fatty acids, EFA and EMF (radiation), as well as system supports including adrenals, digestion, brain health, circulation, and emotions to help unlock your epigenetic potential.
  • Quick, convenient and affordable process.
  • Cutting-edge USFDA-approved technology to help you with your wellbeing.

Epigenetics. What has been affecting your body?

cell wellbeingModern day living has many common influences that can have an impact on and affect your body’s underlying wellness.  This includes foods eaten, lack of absorption of essential minerals, lack of nutrients, stresses on the body and immune system. Taken together all these different things that influences one's health is called  epigenetics. It is your body's epigenetic profile that can be unlocked through analysis of your hair.

Hair is amazing

Almost indestructible, it is a bio-marker that carries a lot of personal information.

Over 800 key indicators are analysed and mapped from just 4 strands of your hair to analysis

  • 15 most common vitamins
  • 23 major groups of antioxidants
  • Essential fatty acids omega 3,6,9
  • All 23 amino acids
  • 115 food restrictions & food additives
  • 16 everyday minerals
  • Common pollutants
  • Immune stressors

Your hair samples are digitally processed and sent via a secure internet connection to the Cell Wellbeing Center in Hamburg, Germany. From there our super-computer systems will map the relevancy of your epigenetic information taken from your hair samples.

Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis

Once we have your results back, we will sit down, or if outside of Auckland call you up and go over your report with you. Highlighting areas of concern, and where you should put the most focus on your body's health.

So want to know what is happening inside your body? Book in or order your Cell Wellbeing test kit today.

For Auckland residents

Simple: make a booking at our Takapuna Clinic.

Appointments are for 45 minutes. This gives us time to take hair samples, scan and send the results via the internet, and get the results back to you during your appointment

For courier options

From outside of Auckland follow the steps:

1. Contact us to let us know you want to do a postal hair assessment.

2. We will send out a return mail envelope and include directions on how to pluck the appropriate hairs.

3. Return to us and we will scan and send off the scanned results to Germany.

4. The results will then be e-mailed to you and a time can then be scheduled for a call to go over the results with you.

5. If you have any queries during this process we area available by email info@globalhealthclinics.co.nz or phone +64 (09) 488 0208


Let us help you regain the vitality you want  and live life to the max!
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