What is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue describes a group of related signs and symptoms caused by the adrenal glands functioning below their normal level.

Most commonly associated with intense or prolonged stress levels, adrenal fatigue can also result from acute or chronic infections, especially respiratory conditions such as the flu, bronchitis or pneumonia.

If you have been suffering from chronic fatigue, you’ve come to the right place. The Global Health Clinics team specialise in chronic and adrenal fatigue treatment. At our clinic right here in Auckland, we can put together a personalised treatment plan designed to restore your energy levels and leave you feeling good as new.

What Causes Adrenal Fatigue?

Experts believe that adrenal fatigue results from a decreased production of adrenal hormones, especially cortisol. As a result, the adrenal glands don’t function optimally and struggle to meet the demands of stress.

adrenal fatigue treatment

Although no recent statistics are available, Dr John Tinterra, a doctor specialising in low adrenal function, guessed in 1969 that anything from 16% to 66% of the public could be classified as suffering from severe adrenal fatigue. Here at Global Health Clinics, over 80% of our clients tell us that they feel “overwhelmed” and “exhausted”.

The Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

The primary symptom is a sense of fatigue that never quite seems to go away, no matter how much you sleep. The vital thing to note about adrenal fatigue is that it is not a readily identifiable medical diagnosis like a sprained ankle.

Sufferers of adrenal fatigue might look and act relatively normal and not have any apparent signs of physical illness while living with a general sense of being tired, dull or unwell.

If you’re experiencing adrenal fatigue, you might find yourself often turning to coffee, energy drinks or other stimulants just to get going in the morning or to stay alert during the day.

You may also:

  • Feel most tired in the early morning and mid-afternoon
  • Struggle to get up in the morning, even after a whole night’s sleep
  • Feel run down or overwhelmed and struggle to cope with life’s demands
  • Have difficulty bouncing back from illnesses or stress
  • Crave salty or sweet snacks
  • Feel more awake, alert and energetic after 6 pm than you do all day

Adrenal fatigue can also negatively affect hormone cycles in women, including menstrual flow, PMS, perimenopause and menopause.

When the adrenal glands aren’t functioning properly, other organs might struggle to work effectively too. This could result in potentially serious health issues. That’s why it’s essential to look into adrenal fatigue treatment at an early stage before further complexities arise.

The Global Health Clinics Team Has The Assessment Tools and Adrenal Fatigue Treatment Programs To Help You Embrace Life Again

Global Health Clinics are one of Auckland’s leading adrenal fatigue specialists. We aim to provide all of our patients with individualised treatment plans designed to get your body back to health, boost your energy levels and restore your feelings of vitality.

When you visit us for an Adrenal Health Consultation, we’ll start by conducting a Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis. In just 20 minutes, this test assesses over 800 factors that could contribute to your feelings of fatigue. We’ll also get you to fill out a 50-point questionnaire devised by Dr James Wilson, a world-leading expert on adrenal fatigue.

If you live outside of Auckland, we can also conduct this assessment by post.

Once these tests are completed, our experts will devise a comprehensive programme focusing on the factors highlighted by the assessments. These could include making changes to your diet, exercising more, learning relaxation techniques, undergoing emotional therapy, taking supplements or avoiding particular environmental or dietary factors.

Overcoming adrenal fatigue requires long-term changes to your lifestyle. That’s why, as part of our adrenal fatigue treatment programmes, we offer additional support through our 3-month, 6-month or 12-month post-assessment plans.

These include a comprehensive range of therapies and treatments such as our popular HOCATT™ Ozone Spa, mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT), Ajna Light™ and Swiss Bioptron Light™ therapies. We’ll also support you with follow-up Health Coaching sessions designed to measure your progress and keep you on track to achieving your vitality goals.

Ready To Make A Change? Start Your Adrenal Fatigue Treatment Today

Let our team help restore your energy levels to what they should be and make being chronically fatigued a thing of the past. Give us a call at +64 (09) 488 0208 or click the button below to book a free, no-obligation 15-minute consultation with our experts.

Dr James Wilson on adrenal fatigue

Dr James Wilson adrenal fatigue

Dr James Wilson ND DC PhD

Holder of 3 doctorate degrees and 2 master's degrees, Dr Wilson has studied immunology, microbiology, pharmacology and toxicology. He is author of the best-selling book "Adrenal Fatigue - The 21st century stress syndrome." He has helped thousands to regain health and vitality over 44 years of practice.
Amazing, absolutely amazing.

Everything was really good, I enjoy it. John, with the herbal medicines he is giving me has boosted my energy levels unbelievable. I lay concrete, that’s a really physical job and before I come up here… let’s say it like this, I would lay in 10 pegs and I would be out of breath and now I can lay 50 pegs and I am still going hard. I’ve been doing it for 30 years so that’s is really good.


Morrinsville, Age 58
Results may vary according to your health history, stress factors, and commitment to change. 


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