How to Deal with Stress, Anxiety and Burnout

Burnout is a multifaceted syndrome comprising of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion. Chronic stress is the main contributing factor to burnout which is often instigated by work problems as well as parenting, relationships and caregiving. Currently a large number of people are experiencing high levels of burnout due to extremely stressful world events over the past few years.

Societal pressures that arise as the year comes to an end often cause large amounts of stress for many people. Financial demands increase with Christmas, summer activities and childcare. Summer holidays including trips away and the packing required as well as all things Christmas with extra food to buy and prepare, presents to purchase and the house to clean often all cause stress levels of people to increase.

Additionally, it is coming up near 3 years since the world has been experiencing a large number of stressors that no one in our lifetime has had experience with. The constant uncertainty surrounding lockdowns, stable income and ---- has left a lot of people exhausted contributing to burnout.

Indicators of Burnout:

  • Immense sense of exhaustion and fatigue. Non-restorative sleeps, tiredness upon waking, energy crashes after midday.
  • Feeling disconnected and dull. Life seems meaningless. Less motivation and excitement about the future.
  • Feeling unaccomplished. An overwhelming sense of incompetency and ineffectiveness.

The uncertainty that the world has been facing has also caused childhood anxiety to also increase. The rates of burnout and stress have also increased. In just over one year from May 2020 to November 2021, burnout rates increased by 24% from 11% to 35%.  Those aged under 65 years had stress levels of 55% and all others over 65 years rated their stress levels at 40%.

These high levels of stress need to be reduced. The best way to address burnout is prevention. We can learn to manage and reduce the stress and anxiety we feel to prevent burnout from occurring. Finding balance is key.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Multiple Brain Integration (mBIT) are both ways in which we are able to help you at Global Health Clinics. Vivienne specialises in these techniques as well as coaching you to help align the identities you have of yourself, and your compulsions, beliefs and values.

When all aspects of yourself are balanced, you can focus on the present and enjoy what is happening in your life again. You are more likely to succeed and progress with your goals and intentions. You become more aware of your emotions, how you are feeling and what feels like a gut instinct for you. You are able to stay calm and regain control while making decisions.

At Global Health Clinics we can help you address all aspects of burnout. We have solutions for bringing you back to wellness by reducing emotional, mental, physical and spiritual burnout. It is important to have guidance during these times and Global Health is equipped to help support you in your journey.

To speak with us and set up an appointment today, please give us a call at +64 (09) 488 0208 to get in touch.


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