"I once had to cope with adrenal fatigue..........."

This was the time before there were any real answers.

Where fatigue was usually overlooked and put into the too hard basket or we just can't figure out what is wrong with you box.

My own experience had sent me in a downward spiral. I had no idea what was wrong with me, no energy, lethargic, and off my food. At the same time I had a family of 4 children at home to support as an only parent.

The thing with fatigue is you don't look sick on the outside. Family, friends, work colleges often don't understand "I am not lying down because I enjoy it, I am lying down because I barely have the energy to move."

I had been to Doctors, health practitioners, and was just not getting anywhere. The lack of energy was annoying, the lack of not knowing what was really wrong just as frustrating. I even felt like I was dying for a period, and I was unable to work effectively so my finances were in a disastrous state. I just wanted to curl up in a corner and hope life would sort this out for me which of course isn't how it works.

Public health funding only covers medical services so this was a very difficult circumstance.

I revisited a Naturopath I had seen years earlier who ran some tests and we worked out a plan I could afford. At the time I was ready to give anyone or anything a go. We began working with my entire system, or what today is called a holistic approach to the body.

I started eating a lot more protein and making protein drinks each morning as well as taking good doses of adaptogenic herbs, multi minerals and increased doses of vitamins

It was no magic cure.

It took many months to really feel at my best, but when I did It was an amazing feeling. To actually have the energy to do things again and feel happy with life.

The turn around in myself and my health inspired me to become a wellbeing practitioner specialising in fatigue, to help people who were just as frustrated as myself.

The quest for good health has also allowed me to open my own health facilities, Global Health Clinics where I can now give the opportunity for other health practitioners such as nutritionists, and therapists to also share their knowledge.

If you are low on energy and would would like to make a start, if you would like to make a booking or have any questions just let me know.

John Coombs Director Of Global Health Clinics and Beat Fatigue Health Practitioner

John coombs director beat fatigue
John Coombs Director Global Health


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