Adrenal Fatigue Diet

Diet for people with adrenal fatigue

If you are taking a diet meant for a healthy lifestyle, you have what it takes for the adrenal fatigue. Highly nutritional food is important in maintaining the sugar levels stable and maintaining the adrenal function.

Here are the main foods in your diet

Adrenal Fatigue Diet


Take the right fruits especially during breakfast. Fruits contain fructose and potassium, which is detrimental to the fatigued adrenals, avoid citrus fruits due to acids, but can take berries and apples.


Include 6-8 servings of green leafy vegetables as well as orange and purple vegetables. These vegetables contain the minerals, vitamins, high fiber, and antioxidants that are important healing of the adrenals. Cook your vegetables less so that you retain most of the nutrients.   

You could also make a vegetable soup that is made of tomato juice, chopped onions, chicken broth, and green beans to balance the acidity in the body.


Protein maintains your energy levels without increasing the blood sugar levels. Good sources of proteins include eggs, wild fish, free-range chicken, beef and concentrated protein powders. Buy as much organic meat as possible.   


Superfoods are easy to digest and have lots of nutrients that enable fast healing. They are your best bet to fight adrenal insufficiency. They include coconut, avocado, AWS Red and Green superfoods, celtic salt, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and chia, nuts such as almonds and seaweed among others.  When preparing, the seeds consider taking them raw. They are much healthier in that form. However, if the taste is not that good, you may as well roast them.

  Lots of water

Water is very essential for your body health. When suffering from adrenal fatigue, consider taking at least 1.5 litters of water daily. You can add some lemon or sea salt in the water to add in some lost salts. A pinch of baking soda also helps. This is because people that suffer from adrenal fatigue are usually acidic in nature.

The earlier you work on your diet, the faster you start healing from adrenal fatigue. Even when taking other medication, be sure to keep a close eye on your food. This helps in increasing your full recovery.

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