How Adrenal Fatigue Can Affect Your Sleep - Why Proper Sleep Is So Important To Stay Healthy

People often talk about how essential it is to get enough sleep every night, but have you ever wondered why exactly this is? While some individuals may think that if they can stay up, they can get more work done and be more productive, the opposite might actually be true - not getting enough sleep, whether through neglect or conditions like adrenal fatigue, can negatively affect your general health and hinder your life.

Adrenal Fatigue

In fact, not getting the right amount of sleep every night can affect your mood, how you gain weight and even how often you get sick.

Your body needs its rest in order to stay healthy, so getting proper sleep is absolutely essential.

Although, resting right and maintaining a good sleep cycle can be rather difficult if you also suffer from adrenal fatigue, which is a condition that causes you to feel tired despite your sleep levels or daily routine constantly.

If you suffer from adrenal fatigue or you have trouble getting the right amount of sleep every night, there are many things that you should know about how sleep can affect your overall health.

What Are Adrenal Glands And Adrenal Fatigue?

Your adrenal glands are two small glands that are set above your kidneys; they produce hormones, like cortisol and aldosterone, that help you function in everyday life. Even though many people do not know about adrenal glands or what they do, they are a crucial part of your body that helps you react properly to stressors, regulate your blood sugar, control your metabolism and more.

Unfortunately, even though your adrenal glands have some very important duties, they can become overworked and begin to function incorrectly - this is a condition known as adrenal fatigue.

When this condition occurs, you have a chance to experience symptoms such as constantly feeling tired in the mornings, having difficulty recovering from illnesses, struggling to get up in the morning even if you have gotten enough rest and other unfortunate symptoms.

Adrenal fatigue can make it difficult for people to get the sleep they need, which can cause even more issues in the future.

Why Is Sleep So Important To General Health?

Many busy or overworked people don’t get the right amount of sleep every night, and many of us think that this isn’t such a big deal as long as we manage to stay awake and function. Along with life obligations, lack of sleep can also be caused by conditions like insomnia.

However, everyone should be aware of the harmful dangers of not sleeping enough. You require sleep in order to maintain your body and neglecting to get enough rest can lead to an array of problems.

A few signs that you are not getting enough sleep are:

You Have Trouble Concentrating. Lack of sleep can inhibit your ability to focus and concentrate on tasks and other things. If you frequently find yourself having trouble remembering things, you may not be getting enough rest at night.

You Have Mood Issues. Being fatigued and not getting enough sleep can also affect your mood in a negative way. People who don’t get enough sleep can be grumpier and more agitated, and it can also make them become stressed more easily. Furthermore, lack of sleep can also cause you to be more likely to become depressed or anxious.

You Physically Look Tired. Lack of sleep doesn’t just affect you mentally; it can also alter how you physically look. For example, if you aren’t getting enough sleep, you may have dark circles under your eyes or just seem unhealthier in general. This is because your body repairs damaged cells when you sleep, so not letting your body have resting time can really take a toll on your appearance.

You Get Sick More Often. When you don’t get enough sleep, your whole body can become run-down and less productive. Unfortunately, this can also weaken your immune system, meaning that you will have more trouble fighting off colds and viruses if you encounter any.

Who Can I Speak To About Adrenal Fatigue?

Are you not getting enough sleep? Do you suspect that you suffer from adrenal fatigue? If you want a professional’s opinion on your situation, our friendly and experienced team at Beat Fatigue are here to help you out as best as we can.

We specialise in helping New Zealanders who suffer from adrenal and chronic fatigue through practical and healthy means. Once we consult with you and determine just what your condition is, we can start the process and lead you to recovery.

To speak with us and set up an appointment today, please give us a call at +64 (09) 488 0208 to get in touch.

Regain your zest for life and live a happier, more vibrant life with help from Beat Fatigue.


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