REMAIN ATTENTIVE: You Scored between 22-49

This score would suggest you have a mild degree of fatigue of the adrenals

How the scoring works

  • A low score is considered under 22.
  • An indication of some fatigue of the adrenals is a score between 22-49.
  • A moderate degree of adrenal fatigue is indicated at 50-75.
  • A high degree of adrenal fatigue is indicted by a score of 75 and above.

From this point you want to consider:

  • If you have only just noticed a feeling of fatigue make some big changes as outlined below and see if this makes a difference over the coming weeks.
  • If you have already made some healthy lifestyle changes and the fatigue remains. Consider making an appointment. We can help get a plan together for you, identify any nutritional deficiencies that are holding back your recovery, and other changes that can help restore adrenal health.

Over The Coming Weeks Keep Track Of:

1.Levels of energy, fatigue and sleep

  • Keep track of levels of tiredness throughout the day. Does this tend to be increasing or decreasing?
  • When you sleep are you feeling rested in the morning?

2. Ability to handle stress and anxiety

  • Are you finding yourself getting more anxious over smaller things.
  • Is it taking longer to unwind when something does happen.

3.Things you should be doing.

  • The adrenals burn up the body’s nutritional reserves when acting to a stress response. Take a closer look at your diet, make healthy improvements and up the amount of vegetables and fruits where possible.
  • Considering buying a multivitamin supplement. Vitamin C is essential  to the production of adrenal hormones
  • Where possible look to get some stress out of your life.
  • Exercise needs to become a part of your day. Enjoyable  is more important than intensity. If just getting started with exercise  start gently. Exercise at your own pace.  For adrenal health exercise should not become another stressor in your life.
  • People with adrenal fatigue tend to have lower blood sugar. When you eat is  just as important as what you eat. Eating high quality foods regularly is important.
  • Avoid high sugary foods that spike your blood levels. This places additional stress on adrenal reserves.

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking please  contact us