what is adrenal fatigue

What Is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal Fatigue is what may be happening to a persons body when they are constantly low on energy and feeling drained due to poor adrenal gland health.

Adrenal Fatigue  arises when there is a decrease in the production of adrenal hormones which in turn causes the adrenal glands to function below there optimal level. Adrenal fatigue is usually characterised by a collection of symptoms and signs such as long-term fatigue, mental fogginess, and prolonged stress, Sluggish, irritable, and generally feeling low on energy that is not recovered by sleep.

When it goes on for no apparent reason, many people find themselves self medicating by stimulating their body using coffee, cola and other stimulants, but eventually the effects of the stimulants wear off, and they usually feel worse off. 

 Where the adrenal glands begin to function at a critically low condition and server symptoms become apparent it is a widely recognised by Doctors as  Addison’s disease.

Adrenal fatigue is a way for people to understand a possible cause of their low energy condition without the serious health implications of Addisons.

Often overlooked due to other health related possibilities the adrenal glands regulate vital body functions such as blood pressure, mood and emotional stability, mineral balance, sexual libido and much more.  They are also vital to how the body manages stress and regulates the hormones involved in the stress response system

In some cases, people with adrenal fatigue are often passed up as “stressed from work” or as having “emotional stress”. While the symptoms are very similar in the case of adrenal fatigue, the feeling of stress is not relieved by sleep or rest.

People with adrenal fatigue may appear healthy but often experience difficulty getting out of bed, nurse a general feeling of tiredness, have a low sexual libido and many more ills that could arise from a dysfunctional adrenal gland.

With an increasing reduction in the proper functions of the adrenal glands, the ability of other organs within the body become compromised; the body’s ability to control protein, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism is reduced, the regulation of fluid and electrolyte is adversely affected and so also the person’s sex drive and blood pressure among other after effects.