Great News! You Scored under 22.

This score would suggest you have either none, or slight adrenal fatigue.

How the scoring works

  • A low score is considered under 22.
  • An indication of some fatigue of the adrenals is a score between 22-49.
  • A moderate degree of adrenal fatigue is indicated at 50-75.
  • A high degree of adrenal fatigue is indicted by a score of 75 and above.

From this point you want to play attention to

1.Levels of energy, fatigue and sleep

  • Keep track of levels of tiredness. Do these tend to be increasing or decreasing over the coming weeks?
  • When you sleep ,are you feeling rested in the morning?

2. Ability to handle stress and anxiety

  • Are you getting more anxious over little things.
  • Is it taking longer to unwind when something does happen.
  • If you notice either of these getting worse over the coming weeks, then look to either take this test again, or come in for a consultation.

Things you should be doing.

  • The adrenals burn up the body’s nutritional reserves when acting to a stress response. Take a closer look at your diet, make healthy improvements and up the amount of vegetables and fruits where possible.
  • Consider buying a multivitamin supplement. Vitamin C is essential to good adrenal health.
  • Look to get some stress out of your life.

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